11 Best Amazing DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas

DIY Makeup Vanity

Here Are Some Extremely Impressive DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas For You, Which Will Help You To Build Your Own Makeup Vanity.

DIY Makeup Vanity | If your makeup is taking too much space in your home or bathroom? Or, if you want to change your make-up area and want to store more makeup materials in less space, then you have to have a makeup vanity as it is important and advisable.

Buying a good vanity can be expensive. But you can prepare DIY makeup Vanity with your own hands. And the things used for it, you can get around your home.

These DIY makeup Vanity ideas are quite impressive, through which you will surely find something that will excite you and be of a lot of work.


If you can not spend more money on makeup Vanity, then you yourself prepare creative DIY Makeup Vanity. For this, you use all the existing items in the house. Make synergy between all things. In this way, you will have many ways to make makeup vanity. Work creatively, and create a nice makeup vanity.  Learn more through Here.

2. DIY Makeup Vanity Guide with Ikea Dressing Table

Ikea offers you many different types of furniture, through this DIY guide you can turn an Ikea dressing table into a beautiful makeup vanity, which can save you a lot of money and after such preparation, you will be quite Will also feel happy.

For this, you must first collect the table from Ikea. Then a mirror and adjusted drawer have to be installed, in this way you will be able to complete it. You can, of course, make complete setup according to your liking. Setup the Project.

3. Amazing Makeup Station Furniture DIY Guide

With the help of this DIY, You can prepare a makeup vanity table. Simply you can choose a mirror then cover it with functional lighting from both the ends. You can make 10 drawers are made from Ikea, keep in mind, Vanity’s tabletop should be in white color with a high glow. Other items for this project should be included IKEA Musical Wall Lamps, an IKEA Steve Mirror, Round Light Bulb, and other Electrical Items. The complete setup of this DIY is straightforward and simple. know, how to set up this DIY.

4. DIY Singer Sewing Machine makeup Vanity

This DIY idea is going to give a tremendous experience. Can you imagine that makeup vanities can be made on the singer sewing machine too? This method is quite simple, easy and surprising. Briefly described the complete setup here.

5. DIY IKEA Star Makeup Vanity Guide

If you have all the makeup stuff, then it is important that you take care of them completely, keep them in a place where you can easily find them. You will need a make-up vanity for this. Which you can easily create from your own hands. This DIY Idea is quite simple to make it complete. For this, You will need IKEA boxes, chairs, feet, and a mirror. Complete Project Details Here.

6. Easy DIY Wall Vanity

Wall Makeup Vanity DIY Idea Especially for those who have less space in the bedroom, but this does not mean that your bedroom space is much then you can not use this DIY idea. With this DIY, you can prepare a nice makeup vanity, which does not cover the space of your bedroom, and this project is very simple and cheap too. For this, you will need a shelf and mirror of IKEA and it will be easily completed by screwing it. Complete setup Check out here.


Floating shelves can be used for many things, and are also counted among the most functional pieces of furniture. So why do not you use them to make your makeup Vanity? If your makeup material is high, then you can create additional make-up storage space by adding two floating shelves. It’s easy to create your own beauty station by adding a wall mirror, and wallah.

I made it at home. You can also prepare it by adding a shelf attached to your wall, if you want, can buy drawers to keep makeup or even use the basket. Shelves are easily found in shops or in the material stores. it’s a quite simple, easy and impressive way to make makeup vanity.

8. DIY Cool And Easy Makeup Vanity Makeover

Now, I’m going to tell you the simplest and most economical way to make makeup vanities, for that you do not need to buy a new vanity or dressing table. You can prepare a beautiful vanity through your old and useless looking table. It will be a match with the current fashion trend. And you will be able to use it stylishly in your bedroom. Project Details Here

9. Silver Leaf Makeup Vanity MakeOver

Silver Paint Makeup Vanity MakeOver is a surprising way. Which will replace the old and unuseful looking table completely by providing a stylish and impressive look and will make four mounts in your bedroom. After this complete project is ready, you will be stunned to see it. Because only one mirror has been added in it on the top. Apart from this, it is completely made from old and useless looking desks. You can see the complete project here.

10. DIY Makeup Vanity for Under $100

This DIY makeup vanity is made up of 2 pieces of furniture only. Which purchased from Ikea. In this, first desk and the second is a folding chair, Whose price is $ 49, $ 7, respectively. A drawer is already present on the desk. So you can put some of your makeup in that drawer. Now you have to buy a mirror like this, which will cost around $ 25. And with this, you will also find a 10x magnifying mirror. Apart from this, you can buy a make-up organizer to keep other makeup pieces of stuff, which you will find in about $ 15. All this setup you can easily do within $ 100. See here to complete the project.

11. DIY Glass Makeup Vanity Desk

DIY Glass Makeup Vanity Desk is made in such a way that you will not have any problem in keeping or finding your make-up products. You can easily keep all your beauty products in plastic containers placed over the desk. By using these containers you will be able to collect all your makeup materials in sequential order. Get complete information about this project through Liz Mary Blog.

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