2019 Lok Sabha Elections : All News Channels Exit Polls

All News Channels Exit Polls

All News Channels Exit Polls : 2019 Lok Sabha elections voting has ended and now all the people of the country are waiting for the election result, which is going to come on May 23. It will be clear after a few days, which party will win in this general election and which party will face defeat. By the way, the election process has ended, but from now on all the people have come to predict that which party is the strongest pretender to win. Many of the country’s major news channels like Aaj Tak, India TV, News 24, ABP News, etc. have released their exit polls, and predicted won and defeat each. It is also being told by channels that how many seats will obtain to which party. Let’s know what kind of predictions are being made about Lok Sabha elections 2019.

According to the exit polls made by the India TV news channel, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will once again be able to win the Lok Sabha elections. Congress party will have to face defeat again. As per the estimates are shown by the channel, BJP is expected to get 300+ seats. Congress and others will get 120+ and 122+ seats respectively.

The data given by Aaj Tak news channel is also in favor of the BJP. Surprisingly, the exit poll, according to the channel, is more than the results found in the 2014 election. And in the BJP account, 339 to 365 seats are likely to go. In the favor of Congress, 77 to 108 seats and others are being asked to get 69 to 95 seats. Aaj Tak also claims that the exit poll given by his channel is correct to 90 percent.

The BJP victory is clear in the survey conducted by ABP News and Neves 24 news channels. BJP is getting 277+ seats by ABP News. Congress and others are estimated to get 127+ and 128+ seats respectively.

According to Neves 24, the BJP will occupy 350+ seats. In the account of Congress and others, there will be 9 5+ and 9 7+ seats respectively.

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