Chahal big statement about Dhoni after Kuldeep

Chahal big statement about Dhoni

A few days before the World Cup 2019, Indian spinner bowler yuzvendra Chahal has given a big statement about former Indian captain and explosive batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni. During an interview when asked about the question, how important is Dhoni to be in the team? And how does Dhoni support you and Kuldeep Yadav?

In response, Chahal said that I and Kuldeep have had a good experience of bowling. But, whenever there is a tough match or hard situation, you definitely need MS Dhoni. They have brains like Chadakya. He knows how batsman has to stuck. They guess from the batsman’s movements, in what direction the shot will be played on the next ball, what the batsman will try to do. He is standing behind the wicket and gives constant guidance and explains what to do next ball. They do not take the field which wants the bowler, they do what they think is right. Although Dhoni’s strategy is difficult to understand at the time. But after getting the wicket, it is understood what he was doing for such a thing.

The special thing of the Mahi Bhai is that unless he interferes, till you are right. They explain at the time when you do something wrong. When making strategies, it is the right option to discuss with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Even when we came to the team, even then, our captain Dhoni used to explain to us, and even today they give us correct guidance. Let us know that yuzvendra Chahal is very keen to play his first World Cup. Although Chahal has already been part of the World Cup, that was not the Cricket World Cup. that was the under -14 chess world cup.

Let me tell you that some time ago, Kuldeep Yadav had also said about Dhoni that he has proved to be wrong on his decision many times. However, he said in a joke. But Mahi’s fans showed a lot of anger and Kuldeep Yadav was badly trolled too.

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