CWC Meeting : CWC Rejects Rahul Gandhi Resignation

CWC Meeting

CWC Meeting :  After poor performance and defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, Congress party president Rahul Gandhi has offered to resign from the post of party president. But the Congress Warring Committee (CWC) has decided to dismiss it. But according to sources, Rahul Gandhi is firm on resigning and he has decided to withdraw from the post of office. They say that they will continue to work unobtrusively to strengthen the party, but they are not seen in the idea of ​​withdrawing their resignation.

Her sister Priyanka Gandhi also fully supported his decision. But she says that till no other option is available, Rahul should be given time till then. Apart from this, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh believes that Rahul should reconsider his decision. Former finance minister P. Chidambaram also cried in the WCW meeting. He wants Rahul Gandhi not to step down as party president. He said that the people of South India are very much in love with Rahul. If they resign, then some people will suicide.

Priyanka Gandhi as Congress President?

Rahul Gandhi is very sad and disappointed with the defeat. In the CWC meeting on Saturday, he spoke on many issues as a Chairman, he mentioned some difficulties. He said that Chidambaram Sahab says that if my son does not get the ticket then I will leave the party. Kamal Nath says that Chhindwara is the seat of my family and if I can not get a ticket to my son, what is the advantage of being my chief minister? Gahlot Sahab remained in Jodhpur till the week but could not win the son.

When Priyanka Gandhi’s name was taken for the post of president, Rahul clearly said that do not drag my sister in it. At the same time, Rahul also said that I would have to go, but I will always work hard for the party.


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