IPL 2019 Final Mi vs Csk : The Truth About Dhoni’s controversial run-out

Dhoni's controversial run-out

In the IPL 2019 match, Mumbai defeated Chennai by 1 run to win the trophy for the fourth time. But the story of this match is not taking the name out yet. In this final match, you can see everything that wants to see a cricket fan. This match was extremely thrilled and interesting from the first over to the last over. Fans of one more Mumbai are happy, on the other hand, Chennai fans are extremely unhappy. Meanwhile, Dhoni’s controversial run-out too is in the limelight.

There is a widespread war on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all social media platforms regarding Dhoni’s run out. There is a debate regarding this issue between the fans of Mumbai and Chennai. Someone’s saying is MS was not out and some other fans are saying that they were out.

This is the talk of fans and they will definitely express their resentment and such responses will continue. But on Dhoni’s controversial run-out, the commentators and many big cricketers believe that was not out because they had inside the crease during the stumps light. And according to the cricket rules, if the decision is tight, then the benefit of the doubt goes towards the favor of Batsman. If these things are kept in mind then this is a big mistake made by the umpire.

Apart from this, Shane Watson has been appreciated by all cricket lovers. Although Watson could not win the match for the team. But the way he kept holding in this match alone, that is worthy of praise. Let us tell you that Watson was injured on the knees in the middle of the game, and he was badly injured. Even his knees started bleeding. But they did not complain to anybody and kept playing till the end.

The injury was quite serious, after the match, 6 stitches were also placed on his knee. Harbhajan Singh also gave his reaction to Shane Watson and said he is Sher Watson. Apart from Harbhajan, many big cricketers have praised him and told that Watson is a very big player and at this age, he is fully dedicated to cricket.

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