Outdoor Post Light Fixtures DIY | Outdoor Lighting Guide

Outdoor Post Light Fixtures

Stunning And Easy DIY Outdoor Post Light Fixtures Ideas

1. DIY String Light Poles

This DIY string light pole idea is simple and offers a great class look, you can easily work on this DIY. Project Details

2. DIY Party Cup LED Lights Garland

However, these decorating lights are available at the online stores, but you can make This DIY easily at home by spending less money. For this, you will only need some plastic cups and lights. Project Details

3. Backyard Lighting With Mason Jar Oil Candle Lamp

This Mason jar oil candle lamp is made with beautiful pine cones, cinnamon sticks, evergreen, and essential oils. You can make it as a gift for your friends, family, colleagues, and others and gift it to the festival. Project Details

4. DIY Canning Colorful Jar Lights

Using milk bottles, you can prepare Colorful Canning Jar Lights. The steps described here will help you to DIY. Project Details

5. DIY Wine Bottle Torch

Instead of throwing old and unuseful wine bottles in the trash, prepare this beautiful looking torch. You can easily create this with some of the materials purchased from the wine bottles and hardware. Project Details

Can say that this DIY is one of the simplest projects. And anyone can complete it. For this, you will need some bulbs, which will hang in the upper part of the fence. You can understand by seeing the picture, how easy that is.

7. DIY Hanging Jar Lanterns

By putting the light in some jars, you hang them on your balcony or porch railing. If you are fond of roaming or dining in the open air, then this trick can give you a great experience. Project Details

Outdoor Lighting Guide

Outdoor lighting is becoming quite popular. There are many benefits of it and also enhances the beauty of your home and garden, it is one of the very good ideas from the safety point of view. If guests come to your home, they will be surprised to see the beauty of the house. It guides your way home, and it also makes your garden and exterior area adorable.

Here we will talk about many Outdoor Post Light Fixtures, their size, and placement, and tell you how you should hang out the outdoor lighting fixtures. The given guide will help you to understand how lighting will also provide security with beauty.

If your sole purpose in addition to illumination is to protect your home, then we first discuss security guides. If you are looking for an external lighting system, You can consider this when selecting external lighting fixtures.

Wet Or Damp Rated Light Fixture

When choosing the right lighting for the outdoor area, focusing on underwriter laboratories ( UL) rating is most important. UL rating is understood in two ways, UL wet and UL damp are the indicators of setting up both external lamps in the right way. With the help of this, you are able to understand what kind of lighting your outdoor area is suitable for.

  • UL Wet Rating Indicate?

It Can handle snow and intense rain, handle harsh, salty breezes from the ocean, it Can be easily placed on a veranda, lanai, exposed deck, gazebo, or pergola.

  • UL Damp Rating Indicate?

UL Damp rating indicates for covered outdoor locations which have no direct contact to rain, water or snow. And Can easily handle damp areas and moisture, Can be placed in covered patio, screened porch, bathroom, carport or kitchen.

Briefly Described Here About Outdoor Lighting Guide, Rating, Sizing, Placement, Finish & Style.


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