15+ Amazing DIY Phone Stand Handmade Ideas

DIY Phone Stand Ideas

Many creative, clever and cheap DIY Phone Stand Ideas, which can be made easily by your own hands and that can help keep your smartphone safe.

In today’s round, there will be no one who does not use a smartphone. The phone is used by everyone, but people do not take care of it very much. Because of which many times our smartphone falls and breaks. One of the main reasons for this is that we keeps it anywhere, not keeping in a safe place. In order to keep mobile phones safe, It is very important to have a mobile stand. And they are also easily available on online stores. But we can make these stand at home without spending money. So let’s know how we can make a DIY mobile stand?

1. DIY Creative Phone Stand

It is a small architectural made by wood. And also very attractive to look at. You really would like to keep such a holding stand. And this will also increase the charm of your home. You can see how cute this pattern looks. You can make it yourself with your own hands. It is important to primarily use good quality wood and small wood cutter tools to make it. Also, with the help of good wood paint, you can give it an attractive look. On this, you can keep small notebooks, phones, and many small things. You also can buy it from online stores, it will easily available over there.

2. DIY Plastic Card Mobile Stand


Making a phone stand with plastic cards is a very easy way, for this, you will only need a plastic card, which will be easily found in the house. By the way, the plastic card is used as a no. You may also have thrown them in the trash too many times. But you can prepare a phone stand instead of throwing it as useless, which can work to keep your mobile phone safe. To make it, you do not have to need the hard work, just fold it on both sides in the right way. By doing this, will be ready a mobile stand.

3. DIY Phone Stand Idea With Speaker

In view of this DIY, you may find it difficult. But let us know that this is not very difficult and can be made through a very easy process. To make this, you will find all kinds of materials easily at your home. You will need these materials for this, like two plastic cups, a tape, a pencil, a marker, a toilet roll, and a handicraft knife. Now you can easily make a better DIY phone stand to protect your mobile.

4. Handmade Cardboard Mobile Stand

I am showing you how to make a simple mobile stand with the help of cardboard. This is a too simple way, which can be completed easily. Also a good DIY project to keeping your mobile safe. You can use it at the desktop, in the kitchen, and a terrace table. Items Required for this project is Cardboard, Scissor, Ruler, Pencil, Eraser, Blade, White Sheet, etc.  Get Tutorial Here.

5. Homemade Plastic Card Mobile Stand

In another way, the plastic card stand can also be made. For this, you have to cut the plastic card from one side and give it a gap to on another side, which will hold your phone. This is the simplest ways to keep your mobile phone safe.

6. DIY Easy Woodwork Phone Stand

This DIY is a great and simple idea. Also very attractive too. It is easy to make it, and its look is also very beautiful as compared to other designs. To make this you just need some wooden pieces, which can be easily found on any wooden shop. After this, you have to fix them by designing it. Just doing so, your good looking phone stand will be complete. Now you can stand your phone, notebook, tablet, etc.

7. DIY Stick Mobile Stand

This DIY is the best way to make the beautiful and good looking phone stand, and You will never face any problem to make it. This phone stand made by ice cream stick has been made quite attractive and it’s quite affordable. You can easily create such a stand by adding ice cream stick together, to make it more beautiful, you can paint it according to your mind.

8. DIY Simple Phone Stand

Made of wood, this seamless and simple phone stand is built very easily. It can easily be hanging on the wall, in which you can also charge the phone by applying a mobile charger. This is a great stand to keep your mobile safe. You can make it with the help of small wood cutter tools. Or buy from the online store easily.

9. DIY Fork Phone Stand Idea

DIY Fork Phone Stand Idea is a wonderful idea. If your phone is placed on this stand then anyone will be shocked to see it and will appreciate your creativity. You can see in the picture, how it has been made by turning the fork. It is not difficult to make this stand, only need to correct angle to turn the thorns to make it in the right way.

10. DIY Cassette Box Phone Stand


Cassette Box Phone Stand Idea is too Unique. Because you do not need to do anything to make such a thing. Simply you should have a cassette box, which will be easily found at home, now you have to open the cassette box, and have to put your mobile on it. If you wish, you can decorate the cassette box with a color paper or color taps to give it a nice look.

11. wood phone stand

This mobile holding stand is too hard to make of your own hands, but if you are a craftsman you can make it. This phone stand is attractive, as well as a safe place for your mobile. You can easily get it from etsy.com or any other online stores.

12. Diy Iphone Stand with keyring

DIY Keyring phone stand is a superb and mind-blowing idea. The biggest advantage of this is that you can keep your essential keys and mobile phones together. This will be a great help in remembering you. To make this, you have to make a wooden keyring, which you can easily create with the help of a small wood cutter tools. To hold the phone, it is important to make a gap in the keyring. The gap will Depend on the thickness of your phone. This keyring phone stand is also available in online stores, you also can purchase it from there.

13. DIY Gift Card Smartphone Stand 

If you have an old gift card or store card, you can create this mobile stand in a minute. For this, you have to turn the card from slightly above the center. Just by doing that, your mobile stand will be prepared.

14. DIY Pencils and Rubberbands Phone stand

To make Pencils and Rubberbands Phone stand, only 5 pencils and rubber bands are necessary. As you are seeing in the picture that it has been made entirely with hands, obviously its too easy. To make this, firstly you add 3 pencils to the triangular shape with the help of rubberband, then in its backside add two more pencils to support it. Now your mobile stand has been prepared.

15. Homemade iPhone Stand

This attractive and beautiful looking stand can be made with the help of good quality wood and some tools and by the paint make its look even more marvelous. For this, you have to take a piece of wood and cut it in an artistic manner. Then you can keep your phone safe on it. You can deposit it on your desk. If you want, can also buy it from the online store.

16. DIY Binder clip Phone Stand

With binder clip phone stands DIY idea, you can create a great class stand. To create this, you need three colorful cards and two binder clips. First of all, take two cards and wrap them according to the size of the binder clip and attach to the binder clip. After this, put another card in the center of the binder clip. Then you can keep your phone on it. With the help of these three simple steps, you can fully prepare this stand.

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