How a no-ball changed the career of Indian cricketer Vijay Shankar

Indian cricketer Vijay Shankar

Often we talk of fate, we say that luck can change any moment. However, It is not possible to with everyone. But it happened with the Indian cricketer Vijay Shankar. Luck has given Vijay Shankar an opportunity and he has been successful in catching it.

Vijay Shankar’s luck changed after very difficult situations. Today Vijay Shankar is a successful batsman and is included in the World Cup team for India. After hard work, he got this opportunity. He left behind many great players and made his place in the World Cup team. In an interview, he made described his cricket life and explained how a no-ball changed his life. Let’s know some interesting things about Indian cricketer Vijay Shankar.

The Ranji Trophy is career’s turning point

The turning point of my career is the Ranji Trophy. In a match of the Ranji Trophy, the captain of our team was run out because of me, and unfortunately, we lost the match. Then I was out, I felt like it might be possible now that I will not be able to play for my state now. But again I worked hard and got a chance to play for Tamil Nadu.

After I scored 95 in a match, all my matches were good enough. But in this match, I got the life card on the ball of Shardul Thakur, if he was not a no-ball then perhaps I would not be here today. Because after that match I was received rhythm and I played well in other matches too. After that our team reached the finals. In the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final match, I played 100, 80 and 100 runs respectively. After that, I was selected for India A. At the moment, the World Cup is going to start some days later. It will be interesting to see what Vijay Shankar contributes to the World Cup.

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