IPL 2019 : Simon Katich Reveals, There Was Tension in KKR Camp

IPL 2019

Big News Of IPL 2019 The Main Reason Behind KKR Team Lost

Everyone knows that Kolkata Knight Riders is one of the IPL’s successful teams, but 2019 IPL have been quite disappointing for KKR fans. The performance of the Kolkata team was very impressive at the beginning, and it seemed as the team would settle for its place easily in the play-off but in the middle of the league, KKR lost 6 consecutive matches and came to the back foot. However, if KKR’s team beat Mumbai Indians in the last league match, then they could have reached the playoffs. But the kind of game that was seen in the final league match, there was a lot of talk about the team.

Due to the defeat by Mumbai Indians in this crucial match, KKR got out of the 12th edition of IPL. After that, the team’s defeat began to be searched. Because the kind of outcome was not positive and the players’ game was not even according to their name. Meanwhile, team coach Simon Katich has admitted that there was a lot of tension between the team’s players, and it was slowly increasing. That’s why the team was out of the tournament.

Former Australian player said that, after the good performance at the beginning, the team has faltered and went on to lose the matches continuously. Then due to the growing distances between the players, the team was completely scattered. The franchisee of the team should had to solve it during that time. But it was not done, whose result is in front of everyone. This thing can not be denied at all that there was tension between the team’s players. After the consistent defeat to the team, things went deteriorating and the increasing tension between the players became apparent.

Team unity means a lot in tournaments like IPL. KKR was united till last season and was also very powerful from unity perspective. Which could not be done this season. Katich further said that there is no other team responsible for losing the tournament but we are ourselves. Where our team arrived in the tournament, we are only responsible for it. Even after watching the team’s game, news of tension was coming up among the players. But no one even openly accepted this. The team was also in doubt about the batting order of teammate Andre Russell. Meanwhile, Russell said in the gestures that the team’s atmosphere is not right. Captain Dinesh Karthik also said that I all know what is happening behind the bench. Seeing the KKR game, the viewers too probably understood this.

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