Pakistani minister comments on Dhoni, Goldberg tweeted after defeat

Pakistani minister comments on Dhoni

There are different types of responses coming from the country regarding the Paramilitary badges used by Mahendra Singh Dhoni on his gloves. The environment is already hot between the ICC and the BCCI, meanwhile, the science and technology minister of Pakistan, Chaudhary Fawad Hussain tweeted the atmosphere hot further. He tweeted that Dhoni has come to play cricket in England, not to the Mahabharata. After this tweet of Chaudhary Fawad, Dhoni’s fans started fluttering and he started trolling the Pakistani minister.

At the moment, Fawad Hussain has gone back on the backfoot, he has been quite falsely heard by Dhoni fans. Although there are many legends in Dhoni’s support, in this case, the BCCI itself is in support of Dhoni. But the ICC wants Dhoni not to use these gloves with the next match. Let us know that India’s next match is to be played from Australia today, it will be interesting to see how MS Dhoni will play with which gloves in this match.

WWE Super Show Down Undertaker vs Goldberg Match

At the same time, The Undertaker defeated Goldberg in a historical fight at WWE pe per view Super Show Down. The fight between the two greats wrestler was very tremendous. Both wrestlers worked hard to defeat each other. Goldberg gave Taker three spare and one jackhammer, yet taker did not lose the match. The Undertaker also installed his finishing move, the Tombstone Pile driver, but kick out by the Goldberg, after that, the Undertaker won a lot of hardships.

Goldberg tweeted after tweeting that, in this match, I was hurting, but I thought I could still fight, I loved my fancy, though I disappointed him, hope as many people as you will be happy to see the fights

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