Shower Head Holder | Make Your Own DIY Shower Head

Shower Head Holder

Impressive Ways To Build The Classic DIY Shower Head Holder

Handmade Shower Spa For A Few Bucks

With PVC pipe you can prepare this pleasant DIY Shower Head Holder, it is a very cheap and enjoyable idea. For such a shower, I have spent a lot of money and have spent a lot of money on the different shower, but the pleasure in the bath that I got from this handmade shower was not anywhere. Believe me, if you spend more money, you will not be able to find such a shower. If you are interested in making a shower with your own hands, then take a look at this project once.

You can build this DIY project with the help of a few simple steps, know these steps below.

Step 1

You will need these parts :

1. 12 to 24 inch PVC pipe (1/2 inch)
2. Shower tube with 1/2 inch connection
3. PVC and Cap (1/2 inch)
4. 1/2 inch PVC end connection
5. Drill bit 1/8 inch
6. Adhesive strips and command hooks 3M

Step 2 – Cutting the PVC Pipe

Cut the PVC pipes length from 12 to 15 inches, because the water pressure will be more powerful and the water showers on your body will fall right.

Step 3 – Attach the End Cap and Connector with PVC pipe

Add cap and connector to PVC pipe, if the fitting is not getting properly, then you can use PVC glue.

Step 4 – Make Holes On The Pipe


With the help of the drill machine, make holes in the pipe giving the difference of 1 to 1.5 inches. Rotate the pipe and holes again on the other side row. You can see in the picture how the holes have been made.

Step 5 – Connect The Hose And Place The Pipe

Connect the hose with the pipe and place that pipe on hooks at the desired height. Next, connect the shower head.

Now Enjoy The Shower

Now your shower spa has been completed, and you can enjoy it now.

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