World Cup 2019 : India can lose against South Africa

World Cup 2019

There have been many tremendous somerset in all the matches played in the World Cup in 2019 till now. There are some matches in the World Cup 2019, where the Underdogs team has won, and the strongest contenders to win the World Cup have been defeated. Keeping in mind the past few matches like Bangladesh vs South Africa and Pakistans vs England, the view of all legendary cricketers have changed.

Just as Bangladesh defeated South Africa and Pakistan defeated England, considering these results, it seems that each team is looking forward to the World Cup trophy and being successful in defeating the opposition strong team Are. Something like this can be seen in the South Africa vs India match. However, it is not that the Indian team is weak from South Africa. This is being predictable because at this time there are three major weaknesses of the Indian team, which has become a difficult subject for India. Let’s know about those three weaknesses, which can be a snub in the victory of the Indian team.

1. Indian openers

The Indian team’s biggest difficulty at this time is the consistent failure of the opener batsmen. It has been seen for a long time that the team’s dominant openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are not seen in the form. In this case, all the pressure is facing the middle order. If this is the case then India can face difficulties in all the matches of the World Cup. However, Shikhar Dhawan seemed a very formidable form in the IPL. But being an out-of-form Rohit Sharma remains a matter of concern for the team. Rohit did not appear to be impressive with his batting in IPL also. However, due to his captaincy and team’s fantastic game, he had captured the trophy.

2. Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowling

The second big problem for the team is Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowling. Bhuvneshwar, who has not been able to bowl well for some time, has not been able to throw the good yorker as before. Such a bad form is also a matter of concern for the Indian team.

3. Kedar Jadhav’s injuries

In difficult situations, tremendous innings have been played many times by Kedar Jadhav for the team and have won the match. However, K.L. Rahul and M. S. Dhoni have taken middle-order well. But also after that, if Kedar Jadhav is not fully fit, then the team can face the difficulties.

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